Welcome to Yogarommet!

A yoga studio in the center of Bergen City.

We offer yoga for all levels and gladly teach our classes and workshops in English upon request. Around four times a year we host international guests that teach intensive workshops in English.

The teachers at Yogarommet study Iyengar Yoga and all our classes are based on this method. The Iyengar method emphasizes precession and individual facilitating, making it a form of yoga fitting for everyone. We strive to offer adapted exercises so that our students may enjoy and benefit from yoga in a safe and efficient matter. Most exercises are called out with their sanskrit names, making it easy to follow if you know these.

Iyengar yoga is one of the largest yoga systems in the world, known for its focus on alignment, use of props and sequencing. With alignment we mean the position of the body in the various positions, with props we mean equipment like blocks and belts and with sequencing we mean the yoga class structure; its build-up. We compose the classes based on those participating as well as overriding methods within Iyengar yoga, which results in the classes varying from day to day. Over time, you will experience a wide range of positions and approaches. We provide customised exercises in order for everyone to enjoy and benefit from yoga safely and efficiently.

Yoga involves bringing us in to balance at all levels, by unifying body and mind into an integrated whole. Yoga is an experience-based science that looks at the whole human being; a systematic quest on our existence.

We offer a two week membership for only NOK 300,- for new students at Yogarommet. During the two weeks you can join as many classes as you like. If you are new to yoga we recommend that you attend the yoga, yoga 1 and restorative classes. After this you are welcome to purchase another membership, clip-cards or monthly membership of any kind.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Call, send a message or email us. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for contact info.

NOTE: The yoga classes adapted for senior level are taught in Norwegian only.